[IAEP] Sugar Labs Membership proposal

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Aug 23 19:16:48 EDT 2009

El Sun, 23-08-2009 a las 18:10 -0400, Luke Faraone escribió:

>           * Can we state that anyone who writes to
>         members at sugarlabs.org
>           will receive an answer within X days?  I'm concerned that
>         potential
>           members might be frustrated by silence.
> Does two days seem reasonable?

>           * Since two people (you and Sebastian) are volunteering for
>           membership screening, how are they going to coordinate to
>         avoid
>           answering twice (or not at all)?  Something like an RT queue would
>           seem useful, but installing an RT instancy only for this
>         purpose
>           seems overkill.
> We've set up a collaborative worksheet, and are CCing each other on
> all replies we make. By the way, if anybody else wants to help out,
> feel free to raise your hand on/off list :)

Thanks, but my hands are already quite full of stuff atm, I can't even
rise a finger :-)

>           * I'm looking at last year's membership list and I'm seeing
>         a
>           lot of people who disappeared a long time ago.  How are we
>           going to clear old memberships?  Wouldn't it be better if we
>           asked people to confirm their membership every year?
>          (asking
>           for a small amount of money for membership would make the
>           latter step more natural, but I'm not sure we want to do
>         that
>           at this time)
> I was planning on sending an initial "hiya folks, you still around and
> interested?" email on Sept 3th or 4th. If we don't get a reply in 7
> days, we'll send another email. If we *still* don't get a yay/nay,
> we'll put them on a "grey area" list and remove them for next year if
> we don't get a reply by next time around. 

Good idea.

>           * Is our wiki good enough as a membership management tool? Shouldn't
>           we look at some specific application?  I could ask the FSF what
>           they're using to manage their members.
> Well, assuming we eventually migrate to Launchpad, we can use that.
> (that's used to manage Ubuntu Members, among other things, and would
> be intergrated with everything else) In the interim, the IML page
> should be sufficient.

What's stopping us from using Mediawiki to manage memberships?  We could
just use a group, although I'm not sure how we could achieve membership
expiration with it.

I like Launchpad myself and support migrating to it for our bug tracking
needs, but I'd rather not rely on an external web service for core
functionality of our community unless we could establish a close
relationship with Canonical that would ensure the services we're using
don't become restricted in the future, and we're able to customize
things when we need to.

>          * We're only giving one week of advance notice to potential
>           contributors in a period when people are generally on
>         vacation
>           Why couldn't we extend the deadline for submission closer
>           to Sep 12?
> Sure. Those were just dates I thought would be reasonable. When should
> they be changed to?

I'd give 2 weeks to people for requesting membership, and advertise it a
little during this period: a news item in the front page of the wiki, a
couple of times on iaep at ...

Perhaps we could use this opportunity to get some press coverage too?
Linux Weekly News usually covers board elections of large free-software
projects such as Gnome and KDE.

> Disclaimer: Sebastian and I are both running for SLOB slots in the
> upcoming election.

HA!  You're my political adversaries then! ;-)

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