[IAEP] SoaS install instructions on wiki

Dennis Daniels dennisgdaniels at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 13:30:57 EDT 2009

I'm not the target market for SoaS but I am a teacher and I know a
little Linux and run Fedora11 and Ubuntu9.04 and XP. I hope to one day
build a networked SoaS lab from used computers and teach Scratch and
etc to my students.

Install instructions for SoaS are a bit of a mess. Here is a page I
wrote trying to follow installation instructions exactly from Ubuntu
9.04, with screencasts:

I spent 90 minutes doing my best to do as instructed but ended with
failure. Teachers normally don't put in that kind of effort on strange

I was not successful in my attempt to install SoaS on a USB stick even
with support from the Sugar irc (which most users of Sugar/teachers
don't use). This makes clears instructions on installation pages on
the wiki all the more valuable.

My request is simple: Sugar people please review the SoaS installation
instructions for your distro on the Sugar labs wiki and try to follow
the instructions exactly as written, as I did, to install Sugar on a
USB stick and rewrite/clarify/document where possible. As my efforts
to install failed, I'm not the best person to write about how it's

Comments/ corrections/criticism welcome.

With thanks to all for the generous support of the past and future!

I would recommend that the Sugar project make a little more effort to
get Ubuntu users who represent 4x as many users as Fedora
(http://counter.li.org/reports/machines.php). Getting Ubuntu people to
play more with Sugar would seem to be good for the project and for
development. I do know that Sugar has a very close relationship with

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