[IAEP] Sugar Labs Membership proposal

Luke Faraone luke at faraone.cc
Sun Aug 23 10:59:33 EDT 2009


There was a recent discussion on IAEP with regards to the management of the
upcoming election. Here is the proposed policy for this cycle:

Before *September 1st, 2009*, new member requests can be sent to members at
sugarlabs dot org if they are not listed on
It should contain the following:

   - Wiki/dev/irc username
   - Explanation of their contribution

I am currently on vacation, and as such will probably not tend to existing
requests until the above date. I (along with Sebastian, who has also agreed
to volunteer) should have a current-election-cycle list out by September 12,
2009. (if either of the dates above should be adjusted, that's fine with me,
later is better)

Does this seem sensible?
Luke Faraone
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