[IAEP] Physics - Lesson plans ideas?

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Sat Aug 22 18:44:43 EDT 2009

Hi Bill,

On 22 Aug 2009, at 22:44, Bill Kerr wrote:

> hi alan,
> still thinking about the broader issue you raise about the  
> importance of
> real science and its connection to computer based work and how to  
> attempt to
> implement this in school settings (complex issue)
> however, I do notice that many of the standard etoy simulations are
> simulations of real world scientific type events, and not just maths  
> related
> - salmon sniff
> - fish and plankton
> - particles dye in water
> - particles gas model
> I just checked the etoys gallery. It even says in the gallery,  
> "Frame-based
> animation can be used for physics analysis"

Here's another quick idea that could be part of a lesson plan:



P.S. Physics-3 is real close now, honest! :-) I diverted some time  
this week instead to Sugar design issues as we are just shuddering  
into the feature freeze for this release.

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