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Anybody attending?

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Learning Technologies Africa
Time: 21 Sep 2009 - 23 Sep 2009
Abuja, Nigeria

 Learning Technologies Africa (LTA) is a Pan-African Learning
Technologies Conference and Exhibition, which is an initiative geared
towards building digital competences in the knowledge society.
Annually, the event brings together stakeholders from the industry,
education, government and the civil society to take a look at the
state of education delivery in Africa and then fashion out strategies
that will bring about enhanced quality, based on modern technologies
in education.

The Learning Technologies Africa has been created to provide an
international showcase of practical, effective and innovative
approaches to modern day delivery of education, training and lifelong
learning. Top-level executives, educational and government decision
makers from various parts of the world meet in this unique forum to
share knowledge and experiences; to build partnerships and together
create the solutions that will respond to the educational challenges
of tomorrow.


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