[IAEP] sunjammer: VM relocated back to old host

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Aug 15 06:42:25 EDT 2009


unfortunately our new XEN host cloud9.fsf.org has a hardware stability
issue that we could not solve while working remotely.  Therefore,
yesterday night we decided to migrate Sunjammer back to its old home to
avoid further unplanned downtime while we analyze the outstanding issue
with cloud9 (which smells like a broken memory bank).

The old XEN host has however its share of problems, too: it is
overcrowded with other busy VMs, and has already proved itself unable to
cope with the amount of traffic that hits activities.sugarlabs.org every
day during school time.

I enabled mod_mem_cache in the hope it will save some computation, but
if it's not effective we might have to reduce the number of Apache
processes and start returning "500 server busy" errors.

Meanwhile, we're also investigating the possibility to migrate ASLO to a
different host altogether.

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