[IAEP] Physics - Lesson plans ideas?

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 01:43:08 EDT 2009

On Friday 14 Aug 2009 7:40:30 pm Caroline Meeks wrote:
> For Physics I think I want a really simple challenge that I can demo then
> have students solve it fairly quickly.  then I want a couple levels of
> additional challenge where students can solve problems in different ways.
For best results, pick something from the students' immediate environment and 
get them to analyze it in detail. The fun is in creating models of real-life 
events and predicting their behavior under changes. Often times, getting a 
'false' answer reveals more than getting the 'right' answer so I wouldn't aim 
for a quick solution. See


It could be a bouncing baseball (why do subsequent peaks reduce in size. Is 
there a pattern in reduction?), building a pile of books (staircase style), 
why does it collapse? play of light on shadows, motion of strikers on carrom 
coins and so on.


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