[IAEP] Request for new features for Measure

Claudia Urrea claudia at laptop.org
Fri Aug 14 17:31:40 EDT 2009


I have been working with the Measure activity for a while now, using
some un-expensive sensors (humidity, temperature, light, magnet, etc),
which can be connected to the Mic port. I would like to get two other
features added to measure.

1) Invert the curve of the reading of sensor:  Some of the resistive sensors
are Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC), which means that the value
decrease in resistance when subjected to an increase in temperature,
humidity, etc. If teachers are working with young children, the value
may not be as important as the effect of the value rising at higher temp,
humidity, etc.

2) feedback when recording: While recording sensor value, there is no
feedback on the values that get recorded, and I often get questions from
teachers regarding this.. they asked me how they know that the values
that are saved into the .txt file are the values they see in Measure as they
never saw such values while playing with the sensors.

Please send me any questions... I hope these are things easy to
implement. I will be happy to give you some feedback and show you
some of the learning activities I have developed.



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