[IAEP] [Systems] Performance tuning for activities.sugarlabs.org

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Wed Aug 12 02:20:45 EDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 02:07:58AM +0200, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> Over the past months, CPU usage on Sunjammer has been increasing
> gradually to the point that it made the system unusable during prime
> time (east coast daytime hours):
>   http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org/munin/sugarlabs.org/sunjammer.sugarlabs.org-cpu.html
> Apache is getting impressive peaks of 500 requests per minute every day:
>   http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org/munin/sugarlabs.org/sunjammer.sugarlabs.org-apache_accesses.html
> The logs oddly did not match these stats.  Then I realized that ASLO
> wasn't actually logging into the access-all.log.  Aha!
> Ok, then ASLO is actually responsible for all this activity.  What next?
> We already have memcached and APC hard at work:
>   http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org/munin/sugarlabs.org/sunjammer.sugarlabs.org-memcached_bytes.html
>   http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org/munin/sugarlabs.org/sunjammer.sugarlabs.org-memcached_rates.html
>   https://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org/apc.php
> Caches appear to be large enough, so there's not much we can do to
> improve.  I tweaked a few things of minor relevance in php.ini, just in
> case.
> Looking around I noticed that the production aslo had debug and
> development mode enabled, and the query cache disabled.

My bad, I enabled development mode while switching to new AMO code
base(I got problems with compressed css/js stuff) and completely forgot
about it, I'll recheck it.

> Tomorrow we
> shall see how much changing these helped.  There may also be some MySQL
> tuning to be investigated.
> Anyway, the FSF is soon going to relocate us to a higher profile box
> with 4 cores (we currently have only 1 assigned to our VM) and more
> memory.  This should really breath some fresh new air into Sunjammer.
> If Sugar adoption keeps improving at this rate, at some point we'll have
> to split ASLO to an independent box.  Or two :-)  It's good to know
> we're using the same software that Mozilla has already scaled up to
> several millions users!
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