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Caroline Meeks caroline at solutiongrove.com
Tue Aug 11 14:03:15 EDT 2009

I spoke with Lane the founder of Get Satisfaction.
He is turning on the community gardening upgrade for us now to explore.  He
is very interested in working with us and giving us whatever upgrades we

One of their features is the ability to do single sign to gather more
information about the user.  F Here is my idea of how it might work.

Once Sugar is registered with an XS we could create a single sign on that
would let us know what name and XS-url a Sugar user is from (similar to how
our single sign on with Moodle works).  This should basically tell us what
deployment we are getting feedback from without the user doing anything.  It
would be a win for Get Satisfaction if we did this because it would be a
great case study for them to write up.  Would this be enough of a win for us
to be worth doing?  Any volunteers to do it on our end?

I asked about internationalization. They
are working on it for Q4 and would like our help beta testing.

I asked about changing "Sugar Labs Employee" to "Sugar Labs
Volunteer". That is hard coded and is a known bug on their to be fixed
list. He didn't know when the fix would be out.

I am not yet committed to this particular solution. I just took on the task
of getting the upgrades donated so we could really understand what it can
do. Everyone please evaluate it and lets decide if this a solution we
want to partner with.


Caroline Meeks
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