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Caroline Meeks caroline at solutiongrove.com
Sat Aug 8 16:26:34 EDT 2009

I know there have been advances in eBook reading in the last few months.
I am preparing a master USB to copy for a presentation at World Con.

I will be doing a panel with Cory Doctrow who wrote and has realeased CC the
book Little Brother. Its up for a Hugo this year and I recommend it to
anyone who likes young adult SciFi that promotes open source.

I'd like to put a copy of the book on the sticks I will be burning.


Its available in a wide variety of formats. Which one will work best in

My master stick currently has

Read 67
Read eText 12

Should I upgrade?  Which one should I use?

Any other very applicable childrens books I should download while I am at


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