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Betreff: [IAEP] Follow-Up on: " looking for two groups of volunteers"
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(referring to [2] here)

Walter Bender wrote:
> We decided on two actions in today's Sugar Oversight Board meeting
> (See the transcript at
> http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting.log.20090710_0905.html):
> (1) form a committee to oversee the board election in August;
> (2) form a committee to review and make recommendations regarding our
> trademark policy.
> Please contact me if you have interest in participating in either committee.
> thanks.
> -walter

Walter has posted this several weeks ago about founding such a
committee, for which I volunteered. So here's the thing. Has SLOBs given
this committee the power to make a decision? If it has, I'd like to get
confirmation that SLOBs is going to back up the decisions made by this

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