[IAEP] My videos are on Sugar Labs video site

Jim Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 10:46:02 EDT 2009

David Farning gave me an account on video.sugarlabs.org and I've
posted my videos there, both raw and edited.

I was looking at Kino this morning, at the DV files it creates and the
mencoder script it uses to encode them and I think I have some insight
into why the text in my edited videos is distorted.  My original OGV
file is at 800 x 600.  Kino converts this file to a DV at 720x480, and
in that DV the text is not distorted.  It is in the mencoder script
that it converts the video to 640x480.  I should be able to modify
that script so it doesn't resize the video again and perhaps this will
give me the quality I'm looking for.

I also tried to compile Cinelerra on Fedora 11.  It depends on every
patent encumbered thing in the world, so I'll either have to compile
all those things by hand or find a repository for Fedora 11 that has
them.  The Cinelerra website has instructions for installing for
Fedora 9 and below only.

When I was a kid I made student films on Super 8.  I would have killed
for the editing tools we have now.  Also for actors that show up when
they're supposed to.

James Simmons

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