[IAEP] SoaS with SD cards irregularities

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> ===Sugar Digest===

In the meanwhile, we need to: experiment with more USB manufacturers;
> be more careful about characterizing the different failure modes; do
> some workflow experiments to see if we can minimize failures; try
> different file formats; and come up with simple and robust
> backup/restore mechanism so that we can end run failures.
> Greg Dekoenigsberg has suggested we take advantage of Fedora Test
> Days] to put a more rigorous analysis together. But we need a testing
> plan which means we need to first come to consensus on what it is we
> are trying to test.
> Variables include:
> * Which Sugar-on-a-Stick image is being tested?
> * What customizations have been made?
> * What process was used to create the key?
> * What size and brand of key is being tested?
> * What hardware the key is being tested on?
> * What is the nature of the failure? (no boot, corrupted data, etc.?)
> * What was the history of use prior to failure?

The sticks I have with SD cards have started to fail on the older computers
at school (after working ok for 2 weeks of lessons). But they still work
fine on my newer Dell mini inspiron. This is a very consistent pattern. I
have 8 sticks with SD cards and 6 have failed on older computers but all of
those 6 still work on the Dell mini inspiron.

They start to boot, the xo icon appears and dots but not icons appear in the
circle. This screen hangs for a while and then exits to a black screen with
this message:

Warning: cannot find root file system

Create symlink /dev/root and then exit this shell to continue the boot

bash: no job control in this shell
bash - 4.0#

My other sticks are a mixture of Kingstons and Laser and none of these have

Let me know if you want more detail such as answers to all of the above
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