[IAEP] Rochester Institute of Technology MiniCamp

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Thu Aug 6 20:47:26 EDT 2009

As the summer wraps up I would like to congratulate our friends from
RIT on a very successful summer program.

Last spring we started off a brainstorm about how to set up a Sugar
Shack; a house for participants to come and live for a few month or
even a year to hack on Sugar.  Rather early in the discussion
professor Stephen Jacobs jumped in and said, "Hey, this aligns with a
student co-op program I would like to start."   Stephen gathered two
very talented mentors, Karlie Robinson and Frederick Grose.

Well, we didn't rent a house.  But Stephen, Karlie and Frederick did
gather three students, Eric Mallon, Tyler Bragdon,  and Wesley
Dillingham,  with courage to be the first through the program.

Instead of the house, we are coming down to Boston for a week of
reflection, hard work, and a little bit of fun:)  It looks like we
will arrive Monday the 9th.  Tuesday and Wednesday  we will reflect on
what worked, what didn't work, and how we can improve things for the
next iteration. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we will buckle down and
work on a deployment related task that we identified earlier in the

Fred has put up a full draft schedule at
.  Don't worry, Fred has included a fair bit of fun in the schedule.

If you are in town, please stop in and join us!


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