[IAEP] A security vs. functionality question

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 6 17:58:14 EDT 2009

Gary C Martin wrote:
> How are two (or more!) remote individuals expected to co-operate and  
> share the same command line and not mess up?

1.  Out of band.
1a. That can mean, for example, a pre-existing understanding of the
purpose of the session.  If it's an "expert" connecting to perform an
operation, then you've already agreed about who's going to be doing most
of the typing.
1b. Via a live chat.  That can be as simple as a Chat activity instance.
Eventually, I am counting on overlay chat [1] and push-to-talk [2] to
solve the out of band communication problems.

2. Multiple windows
ShareTerm is built on GNU Screen, which supports multiple independent
windows not unlike what you describe.  (It sometimes calls itself a "text
only window manager".)  In "pair programming", for example, users could
type in separate buffers, looking over each other's shoulders periodically.

[1] http://dev.laptop.org/attachment/ticket/3310/activity_chat_sketch.png
[2] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Push_to_Talk

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