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    I want to thank you for your positive comments about my presentation.
Well, The software used is an online service like youtube called prezi, available from

 Just a Adobe flash player is required (Not yet  Gnash : ( , buhh ) . I was able to run it on my ubuntu machine, and of course under firefox in Windows.
although the software is proprietary, its use is free and presentations
are by default under a public license. I founded very Interesting this method: If
someone wants your presentation must be private pay for that right,
otherwise this is released like public.

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> > On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 9:34 PM, Werner Westermann <wernerio at gmail.com>
> > wrote:
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> >> Greetings to all.
> >>
> >> Patricio Acevedo left the audience shocked after presenting Sugar in the
> >> 2nd Innovation Workshop:? The Creative Teacher, held in the Metropolitan
> >> Educational University, in Santiago, Chile.? The workshop strives to present
> >> and share educational resources to support learning experiences builted by
> >> teachers, so Patricio deployed Sugar's creative potential for teachers and
> >> students.? Many questions were asked at the end of the presentation
> >> (http://prezi.com/139914/), by an excited audience of pedagogical carrers
> >> students and professors.? More details (in spanish):
> >
> > This presentation looks really stunning! :) ?It would be cool to translate
> > it into english.
> >
> I agree! I've never seen a presentation like that. What tool was used
> to make it?
> Cheers
> Martin


Pato Acevedo

Sugar Labs Chile  (mmm.... this sounds beautiful!) 

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