[IAEP] FOSS VT Went Amazingly Well!

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Maybe when you have recovered a bit you can write this up for the
Sugarlabs blog or OLPC News.

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Caroline Meeks
<caroline at solutiongrove.com> wrote:
> I wanted to thank everyone and especially the Sugar on a Stick technical
> team.  This may not be too coherent I'm pretty tired but I wanted to give
> feedback.
> It worked on tons of different computers.  Dave Bauer even got it working on
> the macs.  There was one little HP that seemed not to work.  A number of
> computers, including a new eepc couldn't get to the wireless.
> Everyone loved it! They were thrilled with Sugar and we had a room full of
> people playing with Turtle Art by the end of the session.

I am pleased to hear that, because I have decided to use Turtle Art as
the foundation for a whole series of art, math, and computer science
lessons. Walter and I have been discussing a few new tiles that would
open up substantial realms, as the square root tile and the prefix
math tiles have done. We both want one that can read the color of a
dot into a variable that we can use to direct further Turtle actions.

> People also
> really got it.  They got how having a stick gave the kids access to a known
> system at multiple locations.  They got how valuable working on existing
> computers would be for them.  The lucky ones who were going to get 1-1
> netbook deployments want sugar for those too!
> Walter has pictures.  We were the hit of the show.
> This is the result of so much hard work by so many people, on Sugar on a
> Stick, on Sugar, and let us not forget all the geeks who came before us who
> made Linux and all the drivers work on all those machines.  I don't know if
> these teachers really understood how many people worked to make this
> possible, but what is important is how much they were able to see in a short
> time about what a difference it could make to their students.
> Thank you,
> Caroline
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