[IAEP] is this useful feedback?

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is this useful feedback?

flux, year 10 student australia, has been slack in recording his criticisms
(tends to mouth off with a negative but informed tone) but I sat with him
and wrote them down myself, insisting on a bit more detail - he's one of two
students in the class who knows some linux (more than me) - he felt the xo
was lacking compared with other linux distributions


   - Slow to load initially
   - Loading (splash) screen for each activity is sad, dull, not worth it
   - Games done cheaply compared with GNOME and KDE games
   - mouse pointer is too big
   - wants ability to replace XO icon with different icons
   - wants ability to create a new background
   - want fluxbox <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluxbox>, a better GUI

btw I have asked the class to try to put themselves, at least some of the
time, into the shoes of a 6-10 yo child from the developing world when
providing feedback - but have also said that I want to hear  negatives as
well as positives

(note the final para from death-god, he's not able to think outside the MS
paradigm at this point - I plan to do some more talking about these issues
next term)

one memory that this triggered in me was mark shuttleworths ubuntu
#13 "pretty" as a feature
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