[IAEP] Fedora Live CD for Sugar

Bryan Kearney bkearney at redhat.com
Thu Sep 25 13:22:05 EDT 2008

Greg Dekoenigsberg wrote:
> I have:
> * A livecd for Fedora 10 devel (rawhide) that allows a Sugar 0.82 boot 
> option via GDM.  We're missing activites, but as those make their way 
> into rawhide for F10, we will close these gaps quickly.
> * A kickstart file that can be used by any Fedora user to generate such 
> an image trivially.
> So.  Where shall we host them?  Somewhere in Fedora-land, or somewhere 
> in Sugar-land?

Can I see the ks to see if it will play well in the appliance tooling?

-- bk

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