[IAEP] Teacher in OLPC-Sur list enchanted to see his idea integrated, into global Sugar update [First approach] (luis ACEVEDO)

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 12:29:52 EDT 2008

There are still a few loose ends to tie with the Turtle Art
modification. I am trying to make it into somewhat of a case study
that can be hopefully a catalyst not just to rote imitation but also
to some deductive or model-based thinking about thinking. Also, the
exercise has raised a few questions for me about our process that I
hope to address/document.

I realize that teachers don't have time to be developers, but I aspire
that everyone will move towards all kinds of appropriation.

Alas, I wish that OLPC had included the chapter on Modifying Sugar in
their Help activity...


On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 12:10 PM, luis ACEVEDO
<patitoacevedo at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Greg:
>          TurtleArt-11.xo  worked perfectly. My report with  teacher´s
> comment, screenshoots, and pedagogical support (only in spanish) here:
> http://patricioacevedo.blogspot.com/2008/09/mi-reporte-para-sugar-labs.html
>        I want to try this features:
>     1.- A Beep function in  TurtleArtwithsensors.
>     2.- A easy way for to write "Hello word". I received a report about
> uruguayan´s kids  writing  letters  with  the turtle´s lines, but this way
> is slow and not fun.
> Thanks
> Pato Acevedo
> www.patricioacevedo.blogspot.com
>> Hi Luis,
>> I believe that Walter updated TurtleArt with a square root function to
>> address this.
>> Was that a satisfactory response? Let us know how that worked for you
>> and the people who requested it. Any comments or input appreciated.
>> What else do teachers and users need? Let's see if we can address some
>> more requests and start to improve the quality of the dialog at the same
>> time.
>> Walter,
>> Essentially the same questions for you. Did that go the way you wanted?
>> I get the impression you wanted teachers to modify the code themselves.
>> Maybe you can elaborate on that. Perhaps you could have asked if anyone
>> wanted to learn how to do it.
>> In the cycle of praxis, there's the action and the reflection. If we're
>> done with the action on this one (still want to hear the final ack) then
>> a little reflection may be in order until we pick the next small
>> challenge.
>> At the same time we can think about what tools work best to address
>> these in the future. I didn't see the bug ID come through dev.laptop.org
>> but I may have missed it. I assume IRC didn't work for Luis either...
>> Thanks,
>> Greg S
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>> > integrated into global Sugar update [First approach]
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>> > Hello:
>> > My name is Luis Acevedo, live in Santiago, Chile. I participate actively
>> > in the mailing list OLPC-Sur and is closely monitoring the mailing list
>> > Sugar Labs. Yesterday in the Sur- List we had a report about a required
>> > feature for Turtle art activity. This is root square function. Teachers
>> > found necessary this function in activities like figure 28 and others from
>> > this page http://neoparaiso.com/logo/ejercicios-de-geometria.html
>> > I suggested to obtain a ticket trac in http://dev.laptop.org/ and to try
>> > in the irc channel.
>> > Is there a other way like to contact directly the authors? Is this a
>> > correct place for this questions?
>> > I feel it is a first opportunity to move from discussion to action.
>> > Thanks in advance
>> >
>> > Luis "Pato" Acevedo
>> > www.patricioacevedo.blogspot.com
>> > www.ucpn.cl
>> >
>> >
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