[IAEP] Sugar Talk to Chilean's Edu-ICT National Program

Werner Westermann werner at educalibre.cl
Mon Sep 22 17:36:40 EDT 2008

Regards from Santiago, Chile.

Next monday 29th, Sugar will be presented to authorities and 
proffesionals of Enlaces, Chilean's governmental Edu-ICT National 
Program.  We are scoping to place Sugar as an alternative to a national 
program that will bring ICT resources to K-3 level next year.

This presentation will be held by Pato Acevedo, who you already know in 
this list for his e-Toys contributions 
(http://patoacevedo.oamm.info/wordpress/).  Also myself, who was asked 
by Enlaces to generate a deployment project for OLPC, but was sadly 

We are both participating in Educalibre (http://www.educalibre.cl/), a 
recently formalized 4 year old Edu-ICT community as a ONG.  We hope to 
contribute from here to Sugar deployment and development.

Best wishes,

Werner Westermann Juárez
ONG Corporación Educalibre
(+562) 632 3660
(+5609) 7 805 7501

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