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Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 02:11:36 EDT 2008

Is anyone here working with Tim Berners-Lee's new Web Foundation,
http://www.webfoundation.org/about/concept2008, or with the Web
Science Research Initiative? We need to get education on their map,
and if possible I would say that OLPC and Sugar Labs need to join the

The Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI) is a joint endeavour
between the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
(CSAIL) at MIT and the School of Electronics and Computer Science
(ECS) at the University of Southampton. The goal of WSRI is to
facilitate and produce the fundamental scientific advances necessary
to inform the future design and use of the World Wide Web.

The initiative will have four founding directors: Tim Berners-Lee,
director of the World Wide Web Consortium, senior research scientist
at MIT and professor at the University of Southampton; Wendy Hall,
professor of computer science and head of the School of Electronics
and Computer Science at the University of Southampton; Nigel Shadbolt,
professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Southampton
and director of the Advanced Knowledge Technologies Interdisciplinary
Research Collaboration; and Daniel J. Weitzner, Technology and Society
Domain leader of the World Wide Web Consortium and principal research
scientist at MIT. Jim Hendler, Professor of computer science
department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, will serve as
Associate Director.

Creating a Science of the Web
Image of colliding fields: Computer Science, Web Engineering,
Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Economics, Law, Socio-cultural,
Psychology, Biology, Sociology, Ecology, Media

The Web is the largest human information construct in history. The Web
is transforming society. In order to...

understand what the Web is
engineer its future
ensure its social benefit

...we need a new interdisciplinary field that we call Web Science.

The Web Science Research Initiative brings together academics,
scientists, sociologists, entrepreneurs and decision makers from
around the world. These people will create the first multidisciplinary
research body to examine the World Wide Web and offer the practical
solutions needed to help guide its future use and design.

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