[IAEP] Sugar Labs Individual Membership

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Sep 12 08:22:20 EDT 2008

Chris Ball wrote:
>> Most project have some sort of agreement. 
> Citation?  Many of the largest free software projects in existence 
> have no such thing -- GNOME, Ubuntu, the Linux kernel -- and each
> has widespread ties with all kinds of businesses.

Ubuntu has the Code of Conduit, which you must sign with your
PGP key to become a Ubuntero:


This is not to say we should imitate them, although the UCoC is the most 
reasonable agreement I've ever seen, as it doesn't even *try* to look like 
the legal nonsense I've seen elsewhere.

Healthy communities and volunteer-driven organizations are based on 
personal trust and not on prosecution of those who breach legal 
agreements.  Beware of those who tell you otherwise: they might be lawyers 
in disguise!

That said, I wouldn't mind if we had a wiki page with something similar to 
the UCoC and we asked members to *informally* agree to it in a non legally 
binding way.

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