[IAEP] Exploring, sharing, reflecting

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Thu Sep 11 09:55:34 EDT 2008

As we prepare to attend http://www.k12openminds.org/ an open source in
education conference, I have been working on how to market Sugar to
teachers.  I keep coming back to 'simplify and amplify.'

How about 'Exploring, sharing and reflecting'?

'Sugar helps students learn by exploring, sharing, and reflecting'.

'Sugar Labs is a place were people come together to explore, share, and
reflect about...exploring, learning, and reflecting'. Every FOSS project
needs a bit of recursion.

With a bit of work, we might be able to describe Sugar and Sugar Labs
with the same phrase.

On a related note.  Is the correct term for, 'seeking the Sugar Labs
Oversight Board's approval.'  Asking the SLOBs:) 


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