[IAEP] Developing activities.

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Tue Sep 2 12:05:11 EDT 2008

For those who have not yet gotten a chance to look at the results of
Morgs activity developers survey.  It is available at
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Morgs/Activities_survey/Recommendations .
There is a lot of good stuff in there;)

Steps Sugar Labs Should take to improve the situation:  Now that the
distros are starting to pick up speed, I will focus on activities.  As
always, help is appreciated and advice is grudgingly accepted.  

1.  Create Sugar-devel at sugarlabs.org mailing list.  We have discussed
this a few time over the last few months.  Now that we are getting
distro (other the OLPC) related comments the time seems right

2. Create Activities-devel at sugarlabs.org mailing list.  This will focus
on activity developer related issues.

3.  Improve API documentation.  Last week at the Book Sprint, I met a
professional writer who does Python api documentation for a living.  She
is willing to help us get our documentation processes set up and get us

4.  Work on the getting involved documentation on the Sugar Wiki.

5.  Move the Sugar documentation from w.l.o to w.s.o.  When I started
this move a few moths ago, I am afraid that it was seen as a power grab
for Sugar Labs.  I will restart this move if I receive buy-in and
support from OLPC personal.

6. Using AMO as an activities server.  There are many advantages to
using Amo as an activity server. The issues that i ran into was the need
to push some patches back to mozilla to abstract the types of files AMO
serves.  With the patch set, modifing amo to meet our needs would be
pretty straight forward.  Without the patches being accepted we would
have to fork the code amo codebase.


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