[IAEP] Distributing Scratch - a summary

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Sat Nov 8 14:01:48 EST 2008

Again, we had a productive thread about packaging Scratch on Linux

The discussion by members of distributions and product communities about
their own communities' history and practices has been great!

Sugar Labs Goals.
Sugar Labs is working to make the best possible learning platform available
to the most kids.  Squeak Etoy is an important part of that platform.  As
such, we would like to help facilitate the distribution of Squeak on Linux

Source of Conflict.
The core issues appears to be that Scratch, as distributed from upstream, is
provided in a format that is unfamiliar to downstream packagers and
distribution.  This unfamiliarity is being expressed as a concern by the
three distributions involved in this discussion.

Effects of Conflict.
The unfamiliarity has resulted in a number of concerns, real or perceived,
on the behalf of the distributions.  I am not making a statement of fact
that the concerns listed below are real or perceived.  I am listing them as
issues that will needs to be communicated between upstream and the
1. License.
1. Availability of source code.
2. Maintainability of code by downstream.
3. Security.

Action Item.
Flesh out, and move this discussion to debian-devel at lists.debian.org.  I
will start that discussion with the participants of this thread cc:ed later
this week.

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