[IAEP] [sugar] Sugar on Ubuntu LiveUSB is ready

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Nov 4 09:32:19 EST 2008

David Van Assche wrote:
> The politics are far more complicated, edubuntu used to be a thriving
> community, which prompted Canonical to market the Educational side
> more and use the Ubuntu branding rather than edubuntu. It caused some
> confusion and the commun

In the UK the education market is almost sewn up with Microsoft. To 
break in, one is dealing with big institutionalised organisations.

As I understand it, marketing into such an environment with apparently 
two products, Ubuntu for the office and admin and Edubuntu for the 
students side, was less persuasive than offering the concept of one 
product - Ubuntu - and simply using the add-on facility for Edubuntu 

This is my take from questions I have asked previously re Edubuntu.

I know from my own experience very locally in the education scene that 
offering apparently two products rather than 'one' would have been a 
complicated marketing pitch.

I was in a small group of linux users who had a meeting a few months 
ago with a UK Government minister on the subject of use of FOSS in 
government and  education
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