[IAEP] activies.sugarlabs.org update.

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Sat Jun 21 02:01:10 CEST 2008

I am still moving forward with using amo to serve

The initial tests went quite well. I can run amo on my home server.  I
am able to upload, update, and install activity bundles through it's web

Currently, the applications (firefox, thunderbird) and addon
types(extension, plugin, dictionary) are statically code into the amo.
If we modified amo for our purposes we would end up with a fork rather
than a branch.

I have submitted a patch series back to moz.org to clean up how amo
handles applications and addon types.  If the patches are accepted, we
should be able to move forward.  If not, we will have to figure out
something different.

Our infrastructure needs.
Host to serve amo web interface. activities.sugarlabs.org?  This is the
public face of amo.  amo caches dynamically generated pages pretty well
so the load is not too bad.  Needs mod_rewrite enabled.
Host to serve activity bundles. downloads.sugarlabs.org?  This is the
file server for amo.  Just needs a disk and bandwidth.

Database to serve a mysql databse. localhost?  This hold all the table
needed for amo.


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