[IAEP] John LeSieur and the "Zac Browser For Autistic Children"

Kevin Cole kevin.cole at gallaudet.edu
Tue Jun 10 21:46:47 CEST 2008


I'm often the last person to hear about stuff.  So, if the following
is old news to everyone or if it's so far off-target from where Sugar
et al are heading, my apologies.

Yesterday, the Washington Post Express featured an article about a
software engineer who has made a browser for his autistic grandson,
and made it available for free downloading.


Further digging shows that the company, People CD (the CD apparently
stands for "Community Desktop") makes several kid-friendly browsers
available for free downloading, in a few different languages, and
they're porting from Windows to Linux and Mac.  No idea if source is
available or if there's anything particularly brilliant in the
software or if it's merely some stock browser that's been stripped
down a bit.  Regardless, I thought there might be some overlap /
convergence with some of the goals here.

I have to believe that at least some people on this list are already
aware of John LeSieur and his company, and vice versa.  But, just in
case... One can dig up more info at:

* http://www.zacbrowser.com/
* http://peoplecd.com/
* http://www.kidzcd.com/

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