[IAEP] Alpha API Docs are up.

Albert Cahalan acahalan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 07:51:04 CEST 2008

Thanks for the effort. Please don't shoot the messenger, but...

This is not proper API documentation. It's not complete, and not
at all organized. It's also not a good API as far as I can tell.

Automated extraction is dreadful. There is no reasonable structure.
There is no introduction, chapters, or even wiki-like cross linking.
Nothing provides the reader with an overview. Most anybody would
throw a fit if they bought a programming book and got anything even
remotely like this. You're better off with lxr. (see lxr.linux.no)
Man pages would also be much better, assuming normal quality.

I'm also not seeing how I could call this from, say, FORTRAN.
Usually people explain things in terms of the C language, allowing
most any language to call the API. If you're not doing that, then
the next best thing is to describe things at the assembly level.

I couldn't find anything related to the journal. I'd like to see
an explanation of how to implement an alternate journal. Suppose
that I wanted to write a replacement. What are all the interfaces
that need to be implemented? Assume the replacement will be written
in some other language, possibly COBOL. How does the replacement
get installed and take over?

Likewise, what about the frame? How would somebody replace it?
Assume the replacement might be written in Ada.

Then there is the home screen. If somebody wanted to write a new
one, far superior by virtue of being written with FreePascal, how
would that work? BTW, I hope that the home screen acts as a normal
desktop pager.

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