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Mon Jul 21 10:50:29 EDT 2008

* It has to just work. There are some brave educators out there who
might not have heaps of technical skills or linux knowledge, but will
give something a try if it will be easy. There are also educators like
myself who have the technical skills to mess around with things.
Neither have much time to muck around with setting up the system,
testing it, etc...
* It has to be 'displayable.' Getting other (non-tech) teachers on
board is very important. If you show how to use sugar in a
collaborative language classroom, etc, and particularly how easy it
is, other teachers will think 'wow' and start using it and spreading
the word. In this context, a showcase of suggested lessons/lesson
plans using sugar would be good. There is already a bit of this in
curriki. I think what's needed is a 'one-stop-shop' for sugar: Here's
sugar, here's how to set it up, and here's how to use it in your


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