[IAEP] proposed addition to the Activities page templete

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 09:17:14 CEST 2008

It obvious occurred to me after seeing some questions posed on the
OLPC-Sur list:

4. There is an inventory of what activities can be used with
mesh, nor what ways.
5. The mesh is only capable of some form of collaboration in small groups.

Why don't we add a new field in the Activities page template that
indicates both whether or not an activity supports some form of
collaboration and, if so, what is the supported number of
collaborators. (The latter may, of course, be somewhat fuzzy depending
upon the nature of the connection: via school server or "under a

We could have a simple set of options (the numbers perhaps need tuning):

A) no collaboration
B) pair-wise collaboration
C) small (3-4) group collaboration
D) classroom (10-20) collaboration

We could break down collaboration a bit further:


and we may want to comment on, for example, how many Type A
collaborations can be supported at once.

An example of:
 A is Turtle Art
 B is Distance
 C is Write
 D is Chat

We'd need to do some serious QA to figure this out, but I think it
would go a long ways towards giving people a sense of what they can
expect in terms of a robust use of Sugar.


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