[IAEP] Localization team

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 22:48:44 CEST 2008

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 10:32 PM, Chris Leonard
<cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com> wrote:
> As for hosting such documentation on wiki.sugarlabs.org, at first, it should
> probably start out where the tools and primary users are (on the l.o hosts)
> with pointers from w.sl.o.

Pointers from w.sl.o are fine with me as a first step. On the long
term tools and users should really move upstream.

> If by that you mean, for instance, regrouping or renaming the titles of the
> .po files within the XO-Bundled and XO-core Pootle projects to more closely
> match the newly-minted Sugar taxonomy terms and
> modularization (glucose/fructose, etc) , that definitely should happen at
> some point, the question is when and who is going to help.  It seems like
> a big project that may be made easier (or least less disruptive) by some of
> the desired improvements (better global terminology sharing, etc.) in the
> l10n tools.

I'll follow up about this on the localization list.


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