[IAEP] Its.an.education.project Digest, Vol 4, Issue 17

Antoine van Gelder antoine at g7.org.za
Wed Jul 9 12:00:37 CEST 2008

On 08 Jul 2008, at 14:19, Bryan Berry wrote:

> Great insights Antoine!

Thanks Bryan!

>> We encountered this same paradox when choosing a development  
>> platform for
>> the E-Paath activities. We chose Etoys because kids don't need
>> awesome graphics in order to learn. Etoys graphical capabilities are
>> enough.

(aside) I'm not sure where the idea that Etoys lacks the ability to do  
awesome graphics comes from - I haven't done benchmarks but from what  
I've learned of Etoys so far I'm willing to bet that BitBlt  
performance is probably up there with anything Python/C + SDL can do.

>> * Developing curricula using dynamic media is hte awesome.
> We need to encapsulate technical complexity into individual  
> activities and
> keep the narrative glue as simple as possible. Moodle is the right  
> glue and dynamism
> is in the activities
>> * If the institutional environment you are working with are still
>> caught up in the moodle-y [4] excitement it is likely that a
>> successful preliminary investigation will be met with looks of
>> incomprehension, nervousness and even outright hostility.
> Moodle works! Let's stick w/ it and hide the technical complexity in  
> individual
> activities. It's not sexy but it does the job.

Works for me!

> Let's not create a new monolithic environment that reinvents the  
> wheel.
> The only thing anywhere close to that is Sophie  
> (www.sophieproject.org)
> and it is very, very beta. very beta


  - a

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