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> > See Bill Kerr's blog.
> Link, please, here and in the Wiki.
> > He talks of creating an environment where students
> > know they can demand the whiteboard markers from him at any time and work
> > things out at the front of the class and how this took weeks.
> Good. See the Ethiopia Report on the Academic Papers Wiki page.
> > He quotes Konrad Glogowski who gets students to select music tracks to go
> > with their literature study, Bill says "Can this be duplicated at another
> > School site, through an education plan or an assessment rubric? No"

I am writing a series on my blog about establishing meta dialogues with
students in the teaching of basic knowledge about fractions

meta-dialogues are hard to establish

initiating a meta-dialogue

fractions in real life

redefining power relationships in the classroom

The Konrad Glogowski article is here:
and my short blog linking to Konrad's article is:

( there are other earlier articles by Konrad G on the factors involved in
students improving their writing - taking ownership of the process - I
probably should dig them up again)
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