[IAEP] OT: Where to see constructionism in practice? (was Re: Path to Constructionism)

Drew Hess dhess-web-iaep at bothan.net
Tue Jul 8 04:05:06 CEST 2008

This request is off-topic, but given this discussion about
constructionism, I can't help myself from making it here. I've already
asked on a few related mailing lists but haven't gotten anywhere.
(Sorry if you've seen it before.)

I'm a practicing computer scientist who's considering a career in
teaching, while simultaneously developing constructionist tools for
use in my classroom. It'd be helpful to me if I could spend time
observing constructionism in the classroom. Does anyone on this list
have a contact at a school in the San Francisco Bay Area where
constructionism is used in practice, even if only occasionally?
Whether it's done with eToys, Logo, another computer-based environment
or practical experiment isn't important.

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