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Bryan Berry <bryan at olenepal.org> schrieb am 07.07.2008 12:56:23:

> >The power of the Sugar activities is in the opportunities they give for 

> >self-directed problem-based learning. Achieving this is much more about 
> >teachers "set up" their classes and not about following a preset plan. 
> >Self-directed problem-based learning does not always follow a preset 
> >the teacher, the "guide on the side" gives things a nudge from timeto 
> >more recognising when learning is working well than following a preset 
> Tony, we are comparing apples w/ oranges here. Your situation in
> Australia resembles in almost no aspect the situation of a typical
> Nepali school. Your advice may be great for a western school but it is
> not very applicable to Nepali schools for cultural, economic, and social
> reasons.
I think what is often overlooked is the high pressure teachers have to 
operate. Western politicians like to boost about the wonderfulness of our 
education system and how much we encourage {replace with nice sounding 

In reality our curricula are extremely stuffed and the pressure to know 
XYZ by tomorrow is enormous. This quite often forces teachers to forget 
all the wonderful new learning methods and replace them with classical 
instructionist based teaching.

In Austria we have a couple of self-directed learning strongholds in 
primary schooling and a long tradition in producing excellent school 
books. But I wouldn't wonder if actual teaching in an ordinary Austrian 
school isn't that much of a difference than a school in Nepal.

cu andreas
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