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This is a rather bizarre entry into our world. It proposes to use
ridiculously expensive high tech to address problems of the poor.
Probably we can adapt some of their content to more appropriate
technologies, if they will license the code.

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NEW HIGHLIGHT: Education Grid Launched Jointly by Immersive Education
Initiation andThe Ford Program-Global Education Initiative

In March 2008, the Media Grid, a Boston-based public utility for
digital media founded by computer grid pioneer Aaron Walsh, and the
Ford Program-Global Education Initiative, an international donor NGO,
formed a joint initiative to further education in underserved
communities worldwide.

The Ford Program-Global Education has developed three innovative
approaches for delivering applied-learning science-engineering
programs for K-12 youth and teachers in underserved communities
worldwide. Media Grid has launched two open source education
initiatives in less than a year.

The Immersive Education Initiative, begun in 2007, is an international
consortium of 300 universities, colleges, research institutes and
companies that are supporting the development of virtual reality and
game-based learning and training systems.

In June 2008, the initiative launched The Education Grid in
partnership with Sun Microsystem's Laboratory's Project Wonderland, to
conduct classes and meetings with a growing collection of virtual
worlds. The Ford Program-GEI Project developed and donated 67 Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs for use by the
Immersive Education Initiative.

According to Aaron Walsh, the donation provides the Immersive
Education Initiative with a solid base of STEM programs from which a
range of next-generation applied engineering immersive learning
experiences will be developed.

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