[IAEP] Concise explanation of Constructionism from the Learning Team

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On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 6:15 AM, Seth Woodworth <seth at laptop.org> wrote:
> Inspired by Sameer's recent conversations with a pair of Montessori
> Kindergarden teachers.  I went to talk to Cynthia Solomon of the OLPC
> Learning team.  We got to talking about the theory of Activities and a few
> other topics.  Eventually she showed me this snippit from the Media Lab's
> Future of Learning Group:

This discussion seems mainly about bikeshedding, but my XS build is...
well building while I watch... so I may as well throw this in which
comes from a project actively and successfully used by teachers in
real life classrooms and remotely taught courses


Constructionism is not the only tool, and anyone advocating any single
tool as the only tool is... well, lost.

Frankly I'm not keen on theorising too much about this. I would go as
far as suggesting "be a volunteer teacher in the weekends" as a cure
(I coach kids sailing in the summer).

*We have to provide a set of quality tools that can be used by
teachers with various backgrounds, teaching strategies and styles.*
That's the mission, the rest is posturing. You'll observe that while
moodle's architect is a firm believer in constructionism, moodle is
incredibly flexible and can do a ton of things that are not in line
with constructionism.

So I'm more interested in our own theory of "how do we make this
useful for teaching?" -- yes, there will be things that we're more
eager to do. Things that will be easier to do - networked computers do
lend themselves more to constructivist approaches.

We're here to help -- not to dictate.

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