[Dextrose] First Dextrose 4 rpms ready for testing

David Rodríguez Álvarez daroal at activitycentral.com
Mon Oct 29 06:47:34 EDT 2012


> sugar-artwork does not seem to install the new icons at my side.
> As a check, are the checkboxes (in multi-select) seen at anyone' side
> who
> might have tested? 

I just did some testing of Dextrose features over the XO-1.5 with
OLPC-OS 13.1.0 Build 7, applying the patches and setting and enabling
all available gconf keys.

I think the specific Dextrose icons from the sugar-artwork package are
not being installed properly, so:
* multi-select works (blindly testing, because those checkboxes are not
* system-resources indicator is there, once again as a ghost, because
its icon is not shown (but CPU and Memory usage are shown when hovering
at its intended location)
* specific ad-hoc icons are not shown, but I think the original ones
weren't either --this build is pretty buggy--

As per other Dextrose features, after the enabling of gconf keys
relative to the "About my computer" control panel icon, it doesn't work
properly: After clicking it, its title and v/x buttons appear
substituting the search box, but nothing else from the dialog is shown;
clicking its buttons or any other cp icon (mind that they are not
hidden) resumes normal control panel behavior.

Accessibility features (magnify, on screen keyboard) are missing, but I
understand from Ajay's doc that they depend on missing binaries.

Please find shell.log attached; last 20 lines are enough for the error
messages relative to the missing "system resources" icons and the "about
my computer" problem (mainly, ImportError: No module named ceibal)

Best regards,
David Rodriguez
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