[Dextrose] Dextrose4 build 6 is out!

Santiago Rodríguez scollazo at activitycentral.com
Fri Dec 7 20:56:00 EST 2012


On what is becoming a new habit of Friday nights, a new build for dextrose
4 is out, the 6th, and those are the release notes:

* Packages needed for accessibily (magnifier-Ceibal and ax) are included
only in x86 builds (xo1 and 1.5), because the src.rpm version found at
http://download.sugarlabs.org/dextrose/testing/dxo2/rpms/source/  ,
 doesn't include source code, just a i386 binary.

Ruben tracked magnifier source code to http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/ ,and
I'm packaging it properly so it ca be shipped with dextrose4 builds for arm

* Also, now we are using our own set of activities, pulled from
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities/DX/4 for xo 1.5,1.75 and 4 , and from
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities/DX/4Lite for xo1.

* New schema for saving builds on http://build.activitycentral.com/DX4 .We
have now directorys named after the build number (buildX),  and a directory
named "latest" that links to the latest build

* This build uses the official f18 mirrors, and not the olpc frozen ones,
due to problems with build using them.

We have the usual changelogs too:


f03ad69 Tue Dec 4 20:40:38 2012 +0530 Ajay Garg: sdxo#2748: Integrate third
party 1-to-N logger with sugar-logger.
34e1ec3 Tue Dec 4 16:53:00 2012 +0530 Ajay Garg: sdxo#2742: Now, the check
for when to show "Access Share" and "Unmount Share" has been changed.
af02382 Tue Dec 4 02:22:48 2012 +0530 Ajay Garg: sdxo#1118: Fixing the
error, where even if no changes were made in  "My Settings" -> "Network", a
reboot prompt was asked.
7b265f3 Mon Dec 3 01:55:02 2012 +0530 Ajay Garg: sdxo#2716: If the list
pulled from gconf is empty, don't try to deep-investigate it; else
exceptions will cause the failure of "Sugar" to boot.
1aca047 Sat Dec 1 23:46:49 2012 +0530 Ajay Garg: sdxo#2675: Don't
understand how this patch got missed, even though the patch exists at

29424c6 Tue Dec 4 18:28:19 2012 +0530 Ajay Garg: sdxo#2745: OOB changes, to
make the Peer-to-Peer sharing work.
7b4cf6a Thu Dec 6 17:37:39 2012 +0100 Santiago Collazo: Revert "Added peer
to peer features to dx4 international"
95851f7 Thu Dec 6 17:36:21 2012 +0100 Santiago Collazo: Merge upstream
changes and add custom dx4 activities
b68c930 Thu Dec 6 17:23:11 2012 +0100 Santiago Collazo: Merge
remote-tracking branch 'olpc/master' into test-oob
3f42292 Thu Dec 6 16:08:50 2012 +0100 Santiago Collazo: dx#2722 , vte3 is
needed by Terminal and Pippy activities
85d48ea Tue Dec 4 19:32:52 2012 +0100 Santiago Collazo: Added peer to peer
features to dx4 international
8024f40 Tue Dec 4 18:52:22 2012 +0100 Santiago Collazo: Added ax and
magnifier, closes dx#2673

Happy testing


Santiago Collazo

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