[Dextrose] [PATCH 53/54] Fix for bug uy#747.

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2011-4 at silbe.org
Sat Nov 19 09:41:42 EST 2011

Excerpts from Anish Mangal's message of 2011-11-08 18:50:35 +0100:

> Added a scrollbar for details-view of journal.

Are you sure
a) this addresses the issue the reported faced? What I see in the
   original screenshot is a completely garbled layout, not just cropping.
   I've seen similar effects when the window manager crashed.

b) a scrollbar is necessary to fix the cropping? With sugar-jhbuild
   running mainline master I see lots of free space at 800x480. Reducing
   those blank areas will make it look crammed, but I don't think there's
   anything we can do about that given the constraints. And a scrollbar
   definitely isn't better from a UI perspective.

Has UY done any modification to Sugar to make it work reasonably with
the JumPC screen? If so, where are those patches? (I'll need them for
testing). Are they doing any other customisations like changing the font


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