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Here's an overview of the Sugar patches in Dextrose:

== Patches in Dextrose 3 ==
=== Upstreaming in progress ===

 * Remove incomplete MANIFEST support

=== Upstreaming failed / not possible ===

 * RFC: Kill the delayed menus for good. No consensus reached, but the
   Design Team will need to re-visit this behaviour for touchscreen
   support anyway.
 * set-default-scaling-to-100.patch. Not upstreamable in this form.
   Related upstream bugs are SL#39 and SL#871.

=== Not cleaned up yet ===

 * The entire accessibility series. I still don't know what the goals
   were and at least one of the patches (high contrast theme) seems to
   make matters worse rather than better. Also needs packages that at
   least Fedora doesn't ship.
 * Keyboard accelerator for switching touchpad modes on XO-1. I'd still
   prefer this to be added to olpc-kbdshim (already handles other
   touchpad and keyboard related features like "grab mode"), but might
   not be able to convince its author (Paul Fox).
 * Notifications extensions (partly)
 * "Make sure Adhoc is Sugar-Adhoc". I don't know what this is supposed
   to fix, so can't upstream it.
 * Sharing GSM. I don't have hardware for testing yet, but suspect bugs
   in the current code. Limited to GSM, though the general technique
   would work fine and be useful with wired internet access (e.g. DSL,
   cable). Related project: NetworkManager 0.9 port. The 3G sharing
   feature should be discussed with the Design Team once we have the
   basics for NM 0.9 decided on.
 * File system level Journal and XO lease backup / restore. Alternative:
   Backup [2] / Restore [3] activities. Design Team discussion on the
   general approach still pending.
 * Backup / Restore to XS, based on file system level Journal backup /
   restore. Alternative: DataManager [4] activity. Also WebDAV is already
   getting considered for different use cases (sharing Journal entries
   among Sugar users and between Sugar and non-Sugar users, additional
   storage space) and might be used for backup / restore, too.
 * "Change the method to add new actitivities in the activities list in
   home view". Incomplete fix for SL#1660. Related upstream bug
   OLPC#10487, discussed during Design Team meeting on 2011-03-20 [1].
 * "Add font dpi schema". Where's the actual code that makes use of it?

=== (Hopefully) superseded by other efforts ===

 * Deactivating the Name Alert via gconf. The Design Team is making
   (albeit slow) progress on finding suitable alternatives.

== Patches only in Dextrose 2 ==
=== Upstreaming in progress ===

 * OLPC microformat updater. Need help with testing.

=== Upstreaming not possible ===

 * Support for proprietary protocol for triggering Reboot naggings after
   distro level updates (yum)

=== Not cleaned up yet ===

 * Two additional accessibility patches. Same comments apply.
 * Database (mobile-broadband-provider-info) support for configuring GSM
   modems. Related efforts: NetworkManager 0.9 port.
 * Notifications extensions (rest). Not sure what the status of this
   feature w.r.t. Design Team discussions is.
 * Feedback feature. Haven't looked at it yet. Not sure it's
   upstreamable in general.
 * Showing lease information in About my computer. Instead of adding
   highly hardware specific information to the About my computer CP,
   we might include lease information in /etc/motd and show motd in
   About my computer.
 * Hide "Register" menu option via gconf. We need to pick up Design Team
   discussions [5] on the school server Register feature again.
 * pe558-backup-restore-front-end-for-control-panel.patch,
   pe558-journal-management-control-panel-feature.patch. Similar to the
   Accessibility series, I have no idea what the purpose of these
   patches is. Might be (partially?) superseded by other work.
 * sugar-Clipboard-menu-off-screen-2201.patch. There's a related patch
   pending in Patchwork; need to ping Simon about it.
 * Sugar-Extend-sugar-launch-with-more-options.patch. Need to think
   about this one some more; Michael made some interesting points.
 * sugar-Flickering-and-unknown-icons-in-the-window-bar-870.patch
   Might contain a typo. Long term it's going to get superseded by
   switching to a standard protocol (SL#2434), but short term it might
   still be useful to include the patch.

=== (Hopefully) superseded by other efforts ===

 * backup-0003-Journal-documents-volume-button.patch,
   pe558-modify-volumnestoolbar-to-mount-a-directory.patch. A different
   version of this, submitted by Walter, is currently going through
   review and looking good.

Did I miss anything?


[1] http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting/meetings/2011-03-20T20:03:00.html
[2] http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4326
[3] http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4327
[4] http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4208
[5] http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting/meetings/2011-02-13T14:01:43#i_2629512
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