[Dextrose] Issues and good-to-have changes to newly added features.

Anish Mangal anishmangal2002 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 11:13:19 EST 2011


Thanks for the super-awesome work everyone's been doing! I have my
hands full merging everything thrown my way :-)

Just wanted to report what I think are some nitpicky issues with the
recent features/patches:

- - - - -

(1) Currently the yum updater checks every hour whether it has run
once during the day or not. However, if it runs and fails due to poor
network connectivity at a point, I guess it won't check again during
the day. Is there some way to use the exit code that yum returns so
that it can have multiple tries.

== Re feedback: ==

(2) the icons is placed in a ui invasive way (extreme right), moving
every other icon to the left, i'd rather have it as the left most icon

(3) it pops up a modal type dialog, a user can change into
home/neighborhood/fried view but cannot change to an activity (for eg,
log) and thus can't copy paste content from it

(4) i guess setting the gconf key enables both anonymous and
personalized reporting

(5) we need a tool at the server end convert all the info into human
digestible form :)

(6) the feedback icon isn't sugarized, though i'll try to use the one
sent by "Frederick Grose"

== Re: microformat updater ==

(7) If it crashes once due to poor internet, it doesn't run again
properly until sugar is restarted (occurs intermittently)

(8) Creates a journal entry without checking for the existence of a
bundle file (this issue probably exists with the present updater in
sugar/mainline as well)

(9) Browse with tabs crashes *everytime* we close a tab. Already
discussed, temporary fix is to use original cairo version 1.08 until
someone debugs the actual issue.


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