[Dextrose] CPU/Memory resource indicator (the sad/normal/happy computer face)

Anish Mangal anishmangal2002 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 10:00:10 EST 2011

Hi Gary,

I've replaced the existing icons with the ones you sent [1][2]. Thanks
for fixing them :-)

[1] http://download.sugarlabs.org/dextrose/testing/dxo2/rpms/i386/os/sugar-artwork-0.88.1-1.10dxo.fc11.i586.rpm
[2] http://git.sugarlabs.org/dextrose/mainline/commit/be4f30f5b5d2c1938119fbc70458e61d1780bf35

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 3:38 PM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org> wrote:
> [cc += dextrose]
> On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 06:19 +0000, Gary C Martin wrote:
>> Hi Sascha,
>> Sorry I missed you later on IRC. Attached are the four svgs, and a
>> screen shot taken on an XO-1 of the tweaked icons in the frame (I just
>> quickly replaced the neighbourhood, groups, and home icons to test so
>> they are in black and white on the frame grey, rather than in a nice
>> set of user colours). Here's the screen grab:
>> The computer-happy, computer-normal, computer-sad are the only svgs
>> with changes, computer-error (not shown above) is identical to the
>> file you pointed me to (I'm just attaching it for completeness). The
>> changes made to happy/normal/sad were:
>> * replaced all eyes with clean circle fills to avoid previous filled
>> and stroked path (using two arcs) which could overlap and show a
>> second inner circle with a central dot in certain resolutions
>> * re-aligned sad face eyes, nose, and mouth so it matches happy and
>> normal positioning (it used to jump to the left and also due to
>> sub-pixel rendering would render slightly differently)
>> * adjusted computer-happy so that it uses the same fill and stroke
>> order as the other svgs so that its stroke and fill colours are not
>> inverted vs. the others, note that I kept the happy star emote with
>> the fill colour so it is in contrast to the sad crying tear/sweating
>> emote
>> On a philosophical point I think it is still a shame we have the busy
>> computer state represented by a sad computer icon, rather than a
>> 'working hard' or 'very busy' metaphor, but don't want to be a blocker
>> if you promise me you are indeed getting good feedback about it.
> I agree. In tch's original idea, there should have been a drop of sweat
> behind the head, a typical metaphore used in anime to express fatigue.
> Perhaps we could have a "~" shaped mouth (strained) or a "pacman ghost"
> wavy mouth (troubled). What we want to communicate is that something is
> making the laptop work very hard. It's up to them to decide whether this
> is ok or not.
> We may want to keep the sad face for when we get close to invoking the
> OOM (remember, there's no swap on the XO).
>> Anish: Apologies for tinkering with your original artwork, hope you
>> don't mind the tweaks while you are away from the internet!
> FWIW, I loved all your changes.
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