[Dextrose] [Sugar-devel] [ANNOUNCE] OLPC OS 10.1.3 final release

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Jan 17 23:46:14 EST 2011

Some things we may want to steal for Dextrose 2 or Dextrose 3:

On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 11:59 +0100, Simon Schampijer wrote:

> ==New features==
> ===Collaboration "under a tree" on XO-1.5===
> We have significantly improved collaboration when XO-1.5 is used with no 
> Access Points available ("under a tree"). The Neighborhood View now 
> shows three default Ad-hoc networks (for channels 1, 6, and 11) in 
> user-friendly icons, and XOs will auto-connect without user 
> intervention. This behavior is similar to the "mesh" behavior on XO-1.

Already have.

> ===Sharing/Backup Journal entries using a mass storage device===
> You may now share Journal entries with another learner using a [[USB 
> drive]] or SD card. The user experience is: Martin wants to give a 
> picture he has been drawing to Simon. He plugs in his USB drive and 
> copies the Journal entry on the drive. Simon plugs in Martin's drive in 
> his laptop. The entry will be shown with Martin's XO color on the drive. 
> Simon copies Martin's entry into his Journal.
> You can use this feature to backup Journal entries to a USB drive or SD 
> card.


> ===Connect your XO to external projectors and monitors===
> We have added support for USB2VGA adapters. You can now connect an XO to 
> a projector over a USB2VGA adapter and project what is on your XO screen 
> onto a screen or for many people to see.


> ===Screen Rotation on XO-1.5===
> On XO-1.5 it is now possible to rotate the screen using the 'rotate' 
> button. This allows learners to use the XO in ebook mode.

Want (we probably already have all the pieces) 

> ===Protected Activities Support===
> In this build certain activities are protected from being deleted by 
> accident. In the activity list in the home view the erase option is 
> disabled for those. Protected activities are: Browse, Terminal, Log, 
> Write, ImageViewer and Record.


> ===Better interaction between GNOME and Sugar===
> Switching between Sugar and GNOME user interfaces is smoother. Changes 
> of settings in GNOME now do not affect Sugar, and vice-versa.


> The ~/Activities directory is now hidden from the user in GNOME, to 
> prevent accidental deletions that could harm Sugar. The networking 
> settings are now synchronized so enabling/disabling networking is unified.


> Users can now change GNOME panels and fonts without risk of breaking 
> GNOME -- invalid settings are reset on restart.


> The dialog to set a GNOME keyring password when connecting to a secure 
> wireless network has been disabled.


> ===Browse===
> A home button has been added into the Browse toolbar. The button returns 
> to the home page, where important links are.


> A busy cursor has been added for when a page is loading. This was 
> present in 8.2.1 but missing from 10.1.2.


> Finally, previews for downloaded images have been added, so that the 
> Journal will show appropriate thumbnails of downloaded images.


(for the above, we probably need to rebase our Browse patches on the
latest Browse on ASLO) 

> ===Paint===
> The Paint activity has been improved a lot:
> * The cursor has been enhanced and realigned,
> * Text tool has been improved
> * New filters: invert colors and mirror effects
> * Tool size and shape are shown
> * Improvements to copy and paste


> ===Read===
> Scrolling has been improved.  The up and down directional keypad to the 
> left of the XO display will now scroll, which is especially useful if 
> the laptop is in ebook mode. Using the fn key with the up and down arrow 
> keys will now scroll by page.

Not sure we have this. Is it also in the 0.88 version of Read? 

> ===Write===
> You can now paste images into Write. Images can be copied from Browse, 
> Paint or Write. You can now put images into tables and export to PDF.
> The style list has been reordered to place paragraph text styles before 
> heading styles.


> ===Wikipedia===
> Page loading has been sped up and several smaller fixes made.


> ===Scratch===
> A new camera plugin adds importing from camera on XO-1.

Probably have.

> ===Activity Updates===
> We included the latest versions of Calculate, Colors, Distance, Etoys, 
> Help, InfoSlicer, Jukebox, Labyrinth, Memorize, Physics, Pippy, Turtle 
> Art and Typing Turtle.


> ===System Lid Behavior===
> When the lid is closed on the XO, the laptop will suspend its operations 
> and turn off the screen.  Historically re-opening the lid has turned on 
> the screen and woken up the laptop for normal use.  In order to avoid a 
> problem where stacked XO units may accidentally turn each other back on, 
> this wake-up behavior has been disabled.  To wake up the laptop from 
> suspend press the power button once.

Probably have already (is the fix in powerd?).

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