[Dextrose] Backport bugfixes from 0.90/master

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Jan 17 19:19:12 EST 2011

On Sat, 2011-01-15 at 14:10 +0000, Aleksey Lim wrote: 
> I've reviewed commits to the sugar master repo and picked up some
> bugfixes that might be useful to include to dextrose-2. All of them
> are fixes, some a useful and not invasive, some migth be considered
> important/critical.
> [PATCH sugar 01/11] Add missing import in jarabe.model.network (#2106)
> [PATCH sugar 02/11] Sugar gconf settings breaks mouse buttons behaviour in gnome session #1544
> [PATCH sugar 03/11] Journal:show error message on write failure: #1842
> [PATCH sugar 04/11] Journal: Alert if an error occures when copying to devices in the detail view #1842
> [PATCH sugar 05/11] Fix typo
> [PATCH sugar 06/11] Remove separator in Journal toolbar #2446 (Gary C. Martin)
> [PATCH sugar 07/11] Journal list view: don't choke on invalid or incomplete metadata (SL#1408)
> [PATCH sugar 08/11] Journal details view: don't choke on invalid timestamp (SL#1590, SL#2208)
> [PATCH sugar 09/11] datastore.write expects a DSObject, not an id
> [PATCH sugar 10/11] Fix more sugar.datastore breakage
> [PATCH sugar 11/11] fix journal scan of external media, dev.laptop.org #10140

I've looked at all the above, and they all seem sane and safe enough.

Aleksey, can you add these to the spec files in the dextrose repo and
try rebuilding the rpms? There's no need to issue a new image: this is a
good occasion for testing the yum updater too!

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