[Dextrose] Meeting Agenda - Jan 8, 2011 1400UTC - Activity Central

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Thu Jan 6 21:47:33 EST 2011

Welcome back from the Holiday break.  I hope everyone got some much
needed and well deserved rest with friends and family.

Let's start posting these meeting announcements on this list.  Since
many of us are working on independent projects, for this Saturday's
meeting lets each prepare a brief (couple paragraph) summary of what
we have worked on over the past couple of weeks, what we intend to
work on over the next couple of weeks, and where we need help.  I'll
start with a few key points from each department.

Pablo -- Community
Support Summit, May 2010
Reaching out to non-olpc/sugar deployments

Anish -- Onsite developer
Dextrose priorities - Now that Anish and Roberto are up to speed we
will take all of our work priorities via Anish.

Alsroot - Upstream Sugar.
The yum updater has been included in the PY build and is currently
being tested.  Shifting to dextrose development for a couple of weeks

Martin -- Dextrose.
Week in Uruguay.
New hires/student interns from PY

Silbe -- Patch wrangling.
It looks like silbe and Simon have this under control.  Commits are
flowing between Dextro, OLPC, and SL

Bernie -- Build System.
Will be running the build for the next couple of weeks to insure that
we are 'harvesting' all the available patches from OLPC and the
various deployments.

David --
1. Escuelab in Peru.  Escuelab is an incubator that helps establish
new high tech companies in Latin America.  We are seeing how our goals
align with their goal.
2. 'All hands' meeting the week prior to the summit in May. One idea
that seems useful is to make a specific emphasis on deployment service
and support by inviting existing deployments to share their
experiences running their deployment on a daily basis.

Will you chair the meeting for the next couple of week.  Since the
upstream issues are largely settled. Our emphasis will be implementing
the cycle of: Feedback, Fix, Finished product.


Does everyone have an @activitycentral.com email for official communication?

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