[Dextrose] [AC Update] Evolving Structure.

Aleksey Lim alsroot at activitycentral.org
Sat Feb 26 04:59:43 EST 2011

On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 02:56:19AM -0600, David Farning wrote:
> Over the past couple of months AC has been grow and evolving to meet
> our customers needs. To help reflect that change, we have updated the
> organizational chart.
> Our three primary teams; Desktop, Upstream, and Activities are doing
> well. Each team consists of a well functioning pair of developers.
> Pablo has will be working with CeibalJam to support the upcoming
> CeibalJam lead event which will run from May 5th to May 7th in
> Uruguay.
> Bernie has been having less time so he will shift to helping get our
> two new projects started Dextrose Next, and Dextrose Server.
> Steven has been working on laying the groundwork for Dextrose 3 which
> will align with the next OLPC OS release.
> David Van Assche has been working on Dextrose server will align with
> OLPC XS0.7. To reduce the onsite administrative skills required to
> setup and maintain the school servers, Dextrose Server will use Puppet
> as its primary configuration tool.
> Looking forward.
> The Desktop and Upstream teams have established steady rate of production.

For my own, these days (before moving to .py and in .py as well) I can't
spend reasonable time for glucose upstream maintainance procedires, except
spending patches from time to time.

Also my personal focus has shifted from glucose upstream maintainance to more
general work within sugar: SDK and support sugar doers, non-glucose coding.

So, my position in AC chart is a bit wrong.

> The Activities team is quickly ramping up. They are knocking off a
> significant number of activities related bugs. We need to keep our
> eyes open for any great activities developers who are available.
> Our customer development and communications need work. We have been
> interviewing but the positions are still open.
> Dextrose Next has been rather neglected as we put most of our effort
> into preparing the Dextrose 2 release. We need to take a look at how
> Steven is doing and what additional resources he needs.
> Dextrose Server is the most requested item that we add to Activity
> Central. I expect that with in the next month we will add a second
> developer to the team.
> david

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